Random Dice MOD APK v5.8.8 Download (Unlimited Money)

Random Dice MOD APK Unlimited Money Download

Random Dice Mod APK

Random Dice MOD APK is a strategy game developed by 111%. In PvP you fight against a random opponent with a similar number of trophies. When you’re in PvE, you’ll play with a random ally with any number of trophies against enemies who come in waves. A deck consists of five dice that the player builds. Building a deck is not an easy task and requires knowledge of the properties of the cubes.

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BlueStacks App Player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Random Dice Hack APK on your PC or Mac and have an amazing gaming experience. It’s also an important factor in the mode it’s designed for, as cubes that work well in PvP can be useless in PvE and vice versa. After all, the choice of deck depends on what dice the player has. This competitive mode, which you can choose to play with a friend or a random opponent, is likely to require the most attention.

However, there is also a co-op mode where you work with another player to survive as many rounds as possible, as well as a solo mode that is still in the works. Random Dice Hack 2021 combines the intense strategic action of tower defense with an RNG flair! Roll the dice and see what type of tower you get. Place your towers on the map to defeat the oncoming waves of enemies when playing Random Dice: PvP Defense with BlueStacks on PC.

The longer you play, the tougher your enemies are! Upgrade your towers by merging cubes with the same number. In combat, each player of Random Dice MOD APK Unlimited Gems has his own 3 × 5 grid in which he can place dice towers. There is a button that creates dice towers in a random tile. Towers have infinite reach, so the location of the tower is not always important. There are exceptions, such as towers, that benefit from standing next to each other.

Sacrificial dice attack the first enemy. This die grants a fixed amount of MP when combined with another sacrificial die, a power-up die, or a chameleon. For each point on the cube during the merge, the player gets 80 horsepower. So if the player combines two sacrificial dice with 2 points, the total number of points is 4 and he gets 320 hp.

Random Dice Hack APK

Random Dice Mod APK Features

PVP mode
In PVP, two players compete against each other. Each player fights against his own wave of monsters. When one player kills a monster, it is added to the other player’s side. The point of PVP is to have an efficient build that overwhelms the other player with monsters.

Viral Cube (Special)
Attack the first enemy without contamination. If you kill an infected enemy, an area of ​​poisonous gas will be left along the way, dealing area damage every second. The gas damage is multiplied by the number of points on the dice. As the number of points increases, so does the attack speed of the cube.

Upgrade your dice
There are two main ways to level up your dice in the heat of battle in Random Dice 5.8.8. Note that upgrades in the game are not permanent and will disappear after the round is over.

Alliance mode
Alliance mode (PVE) works a little differently. Both players work together to share part of the road. The goal is to find out together how many waves they can clear before death. There is no health in alliance mode. The game is over when a single monster reaches the end of the street.

Manage your SP
When you’re in a match, you’ll need to tap the dice button at the bottom of the screen to bring a dice onto the playing field. Note that doing this will decrease your overall SP, and your success will depend on careful monitoring and use of this limited pool.

Teleportation Cube
Attacks a random target and has a chance to teleport it back to the beginning of the path. After teleporting, the enemy will be marked with an icon, which means that they can no longer be teleported.

What’s New in Latest Version?

  • Nice and fluid animation
  • Pleasant background music
  • Simple and understandable interface
  • Full stack of dice (d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20)
  • Statistics with detailed results of your litter
  • Cubes of different types and colors in a preset
  • Adjustment of background and cube colors
  • Fixed an issue where teleporting cubes would not gain VP when other cubes were teleported.
  • Fixed an issue where the Get All button was not working properly in the Random Arena and Crew Battle.

How to install Random Dice MOD APK

  1. First of all download the latest version form the given download links.
  2. Uninstall the previous versions (if you have any)
  3. Run the setup file and wait for installation process.
  4. Done. Have fun with full version!

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