VSCO Cam Cracked Apk v214 (All Filters) + VSCO X (No Root) [2021]

VSCO Cam Cracked Apk (All Filters)+ VSCO X

VSCO Cam Cracked apk

VSCO Cam Cracked APK is a powerful image editor developed by VSCO studio for Android devices. At the beginning of the installation, these applications will ask you to register with your email or mobile number! Don’t be surprised, because by registering in VSCO Cam, you also enter a fantastic social network. Users also have the option to edit their own camera videos with VSCO’s annual membership, but they cannot post camera videos to their VSCO Mod APK account.

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VSCO Cam Cracked APK can take photos or import from the camera roll, as well as short videos or animated GIFs (known in the app as DSCO; iOS only). The user can edit their photos through various preset filters, or through the “toolkit” function that allows finer adjustments of fade, clarity, skin tone, tint, sharpness, saturation, contrast, temperature, exposure and other properties. Users have the option to post their photos to their profile, where they can also add captions and hashtags. Photos can also be exported back to the reel or shared with other social media services.


There are countless photo editing apps available today, each with its own expertise, editing tools, and social engagement mechanisms. Big names like Instagram, Snapseed, and Photoshop exist, but another app with long-time passionate followers on iOS called VSCO Cam Unlocked apk (derived from the name “Visual Supply Co”) is now included in the mix on Android as well.

Although with a potentially too simplified and difficult to understand interface, getting familiar with this application definitely takes some time. In a world where Instagram has lost a bit of its “cool” factor among the most artistic and photography-focused users, the latest VSCO Cam Cracked APK is an excellent choice. Read on for our full VSCO Cam review on Android. Notice as you move the cursor to the right that the right side of the photo will appear closer, and as you move the cursor to the left, the left side of the photo will appear closer.

VSCO Premium apk is a powerful photo-editing application that allows users to edit phone photos in just a few minutes with a couple of simple swipes. VSCO is extremely easy to use, it’s FREE, and with this tutorial, you can learn all the best tips to better edit your photos. Combine this with our Snapseed editing guide to instantly give your Instagram and social media photos the professional look you were looking for.


VSCO Cam Cracked APK Features

X-Skew in VSCO Full Pack apk modifies and stretches the photo along the x axis to change the angle of the photo. Move the x bias left and right to change the angle and focus of your photo.

Inclination Y
Y bias is similar to X bias and modifies the focus point of the photo along the Y-axis. When you slide the cursor to the right of the photo, the top of the image will appear closer and when you slide the cursor to On the left, the bottom of the image will look closer.

You can see from the example above that the mountains are now much more visible and create a great contrast to the little person in the middle. This tool is great for highlighting details in landscape images, especially those that have water features like rocks or logs that generally look less detailed underwater.

Similar to the sharpening tool, the clarity tool in VSCO Mod apk can make an image look sharper and clearer. Slide the bar to the right to add detail to your image and create more contrast between light and dark areas.

One of the best things about this app is the filters it comes with. VSCO filters are will enhance your photos without distorting them or making them look too leaked. Using VSCO Cam Cracked APK filters is very simple. As soon as you click on the slider bars, the app will automatically place you in the filter section.

Swipe right to see all the preset previews and choose the filter that best suits your image. The app comes with 13 free preset filters, but additional free filters can be found in the “Buy” section along with many additional paid filter packages.

VSCO Premium Apk

Advanced Features of VSCO Full Pack Apk Unlocked

  • Tint
    The tint tool can change the color tint of the photo. By sliding the tint tool to the left, the colors in the photo will turn more green, and by sliding the tint slider to the right, the colors will turn purple. This look is very popular on Instagram right now, but before using it make sure your image has enough dark areas to fade; otherwise, it will look super faded.
  • Skin tone
    If your image has dazzling skin tone color for a portrait or selfie, this tool can fix this by focusing on the color tones that are usually present in skin tones. By sliding the tool to the left, the skin tones of the image will have a more pink/purple tone and when sliding the tool to the right, the skin tones will have a green/orange tone.
  • Fade off
    Fade is a great tool in VSCO Cam Cracked APK to add that cool, vintage look to your photos by fading out dark areas of the image. Sliding the fade tool to the right will lift the shadows in the image that will give it a flatter appearance.
  • Shadow Tint
    The shadow tint function of VSCO cracked ios can add a certain color to the dark and shadow areas of the photo. In this example, orange adds to the shadows to give it an earthy hue. The slider bar can adjust the intensity of the color to make it less orange and more natural.
  • Featured Tint
    If your photo has a lot of light areas, the highlight tone can add certain colors to those light areas. The photo used in this example was taken in daylight so that the sky and river were especially bright.

System Requirements


VSCO is compatible with most Android devices running Android 5.0 and higher. For more information about the devices and which ones are compatible with Android 5.0 and later, see the following article. Please note that even if an Android device can run Android 5.0, VSCO may not support it.

Unfortunately, VSCO Cam is unable to provide a list of unsupported Android devices due to the number of device models available. For optimal VSCO application performance, we recommend having a minimum of 500 MB of storage capacity when installing and using the application. VSCO does not support rooted or unlocked devices.

VSCO Mod APK is compatible with iPhone 6S and later versions with iOS 11 and higher. Added a blue tint to light areas by selecting the blue tint and sliding the bar to the right to control the intensity of the tint.

How to Install VSCO Cam Cracked APK

  1. Download APK
  2. Go to settings> security> allow unknown source
  3. Install the app.
  4. Done. Enjoy VSCO Cam Unlocked apk.

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